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The Beauty of Autumn encourages women in midlife to use the gifts they have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace (based on 1 Peter 4:10). My goal is to help women stop worrying if it's too late, and instead get excited about living their best Christian life from a more mature, wise and experienced place.

Hello, I'm Diana Claire. I’m a chef and writer living in the mountains of North Carolina. Through this blog, I plan to capture, with words and art, the everyday things in life that help in my quest for a deepened faith and a focus on gratitude and service during my 50s and beyond.

While my experience might not be unique, I've learned that sharing in the little things of life can lead to great encouragement. A larger sense of being in Christ, making our way through life with deeper connections, and a greater desire to make the most of our time in the Autumn of our lives.

Diana Claire's Email: diana@thebeautyofautumn.com

Paris with Mom

This blog is in honor of my mom who passed away from Alzheimer's Disease in July of 2021.


  1. Hello Diana, I want to pass on my sincere condolences about your Mum, her illness and her passing. A dear Uncle is in the final stages of his battle and it is gut wrenching to watch but oh, what a privilege too that we can be with them and share our love and compassion. I love your description of what you want to accomplish with this blog and I feel deeply about service, legacy and how essential beauty is in our lives. I live in country Australia but my husband has spent a bit of time for work in your beautiful part of the world. I look forward to all you have to offer. All the best, Cate Nunan.

    1. Thank you so much, Cate. I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle and I am so glad that you can be with him during this difficult time. I appreciate you taking the time to say hello and I'm so glad that this blog resonates with you. It is so nice to catch up again with you and the other readers and writers and from Oh Wondrous Grace. What a special community of ladies!


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