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Hello, I'm Diana Claire.

The leaves fell early from the trees this year, thanks to the storm that rolled through our forest, tearing out 100-year-old oak trees by their roots. And like those trees being swayed and shifted by the winds, so has my own foundation been forever changed by this equally tumultuous year. It's been a time of deep reflection through months of isolation that, along with the changing seasons, will hopefully yield new growth and a fuller, richer life, come Spring. Through this blog, I plan to capture, with words and art, the everyday things in life that help in my quest for a deepened faith and a focus on gratitude and service during my 50s and beyond. And s haring in the little things, and the big things of life can lead to great encouragement. A larger sense of being in Christ, making our way through life with deeper connections, and a greater desire to make the most of our time in the Autumn of our lives. Won't you come along?  ~Diana Claire The Beauty of Autumn encourages women

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