Live Like Ruth | Devotional

As I walked around the empty 800-square-foot apartment, I first noticed the lack of kitchen cabinet space and then the residual smell of curry in the bedroom closet. “It’s just for a year or two,” I reassured my husband. The movers unloaded our last piece of furniture and closed the van door with a thud. Without words, we pushed our leaned-up mattress to the floor, pulled out a quilt and our pillows from a box labeled, “first night,” and drifted off to sleep with empty stomachs and heavy hearts.

I often wonder if Ruth might have experienced some of these same feelings the day that she and her mother-in-law, Naomi, left their homes. She must have been unsure of the unknown, however, God placed this calling in her heart and she followed his lead.

Like Ruth, we gave up our past life because God called us to a new one. We donated most of our belongings and downsized to an inexpensive apartment to become debt-free. Why? We didn’t know the reasons, however, we trusted him. And as with Ruth, years later God revealed his plan and blessed us in ways that we could have never imagined.

The path wasn’t easy, nor did it often make sense, however, our experience resulted in a refined relationship with Christ. We learned to recognize his voice, something that I hadn’t experienced nor understood in my younger years.

So, how does one hear the voice of God? First, get to know God. Time in prayer and reading his word are the best ways to understand what he expects from us and how we should live our lives. Is sin holding you back? Addictions, pride, and even busyness can create a wedge between us and Christ that can lead to shame, guilt, and rebellion. Holding onto resentment and anger from past hurts, without forgiveness, also adds a barrier to our relationship with God.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105).


  • What worldly things have a hold on me and how can I better spend my time to get to know my Lord and Saviour?
  • What steps do I need to take to conquer addictions? What hurts can I finally get past and now forgive?

Next, remember that God has a specific plan for you. God commands us to walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7) and to trust in him with all our heart and not lean on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6). This means giving up our agenda and preconceived ideas and instead, placing our focus on the path he has for us. God knows our hearts and our minds and longs for us to use the gifts he has given us to serve him and others.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I have appointed you as a prophet to the nations” (Jeremiah 1:5).


  • What are some areas in my life that I need to give up control and let God take over? Relationships? Careers? Important life decisions?
  • What are three ways that I can better serve the Lord where I’m at in my life right now?

Finally, quiet your mind and listen through prayer and stillness. God speaks to us, including through people, dreams, and even nature. Our goal is to allow the space to hear him. Getting rid of the clutter is a good first step. Both in our minds and with the things that can pile up around us, including unnecessary activities and worldly ambitions that overtake our schedules.

“Therefore, everyone who hears these words of Mine, and acts on them, will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock,” (Matthew 7:24).


  • How can I simplify my life to better hear God’s voice?
  • Were there times in my life that I thought God was speaking to me, but I didn’t listen? What resulted from the times I heard God’s voice and followed his guidance?

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you ready to follow the path you have for me. To get to know you more and to take the time to deepen our relationship. Lord, please use me in ways that I can best serve you and help me trust you along the way, remembering our purpose here on Earth and your promise of Heaven. Forgive me for the times I think I know best and try to take control. And Lord, when I feel afraid or unsure, I will remember that you promise to strengthen me and uphold me with your righteous right hand. Thank you, Father, for all of your blessings and unwavering love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.