Menu 8: Does the Thought of Eating Tofu, Terrify? Here are 5 Meals to Give it all a Try... on Tippytoes!


Face it, Vegans are sexier. 

And Vegans can eat potatoes.  Without guilt.


But seriously... sexier?  Yea, sexier.  Well, at least these days, this way of eating is more accepted as a way to be more balanced, get healthier (and thinner) and help the environment... now THAT's sexy! ;-)

But seitan? Sounds scary...

And TVP and tempeh?  Not so tempting...

This week is all about baby steps.  Feeling out the waters before you take the Vegan plunge- with simple, everyday ingredients, that don't intimidate, are budget-friendly... and that you can pronounce!

Simply avoid meats and dairy one meal a day, for five days, and be introduced to new vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs and a lot of healthier, sexy foodie FLAVORS along the way!  It's all about being open-minded... try it, your arteries and sinuses will thank you.

Here are 5 Vegan Meals sure to please meat-eaters and veggies alike! (I think I just saw Mother Nature, and a few cows, pigs... and chickens smile ;-)

Bon Appétit, my sweets!

(For more information on Vegan Eating, scroll down below the menus for some great links to cookbooks, blogs and general information and guidelines for balanced eating from the experts!)

Oh, and here is a good link that talks about the types of tofu ;-)

Note: For the Wraps, I also add some tomatoes and mushrooms.  I roast the asparagus on one third of a cookie sheet (with a lip) with cherry tomatoes (sliced in half) in the middle and the cut up onions on the other side.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt.  Roast at 400 for about 20 minutes.  I keep a container of caramelized mushroom slices in the fridge (Slowly pan fry over low heat with olive oil, salt & pepper until browned) thrown in just about anything for even more yummy flavor!

Also, if you're not familiar with quinoa, it's great!  And can be found in most grocery stores near the rice and other grains.  Love these two super foods in this meal... asparagus and quinoa!

Tuesday: Dilly Stew with Rosemary Dumplings
Note: For the dumplings, if you're allergic to nuts and soy like I am, feel free to use plain Rice Dream Milk. Love this stuff, in fact I'm not a huge milk fan, so I even like it better on my cereal.

Wednesday: Madeline's Vegan Lasagna
Note: Madeline Strauss is an incredible yoga teacher out of Chapel Hill, NC... thank you Madeline for your fantastic recipe contribution!

1 package brown rice lasagna noodles 
Organic sliced mushrooms, cut up zucchini, eggplant and chopped onions to taste
Kale and a few cloves of garlic, minced
Seasoned firm tofu (to replace ricotta)
Shredded almond mozzarella or soy cheese
Your favorite tomato sauce.

Cook the pasta (al dente), saute veggies in evoo and a non salt seasoning, saute chopped kale w/ minced garlic separately then mix with tofu, a little shredded cheese, and a pinch of salt. Layer sauce, pasta, tofu and veggies.  Repeat.  Top with a final layer of pasta, sauce and cheese, and cover with foil. Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes. :-) enjoy!!!

Thursday: Chickpea Picatta over Mashed Potatoes and Arugula
Note: For the mashed potatoes, I love Ore-Ida's Steam and Mash Russet Potatoes.  Sooo simple- just microwave, and use a hand mixer to blend with rice milk, olive oil, salt, pepper, and the key... a few sprinkles of Italian seasoning!  YUM!

Friday: Stuffed Shells and a Green Salad
Note:  For the salad use your favorite veggies and greens and as always, we love Briannas Dressings!

And in the shells- Nutritional Yeast is an inactive yeast that can be found in bulk in health food stores. It adds a cheesy flavor- mmm!

Some of my Favorite Vegan Resources:



Online Resources:
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